Monday, 23 May 2011

The Good, the Bad, and Definitely the Ugly

It's been stooped labour time at Red Lane Gardens. We're weeks behind digging and shipping because of the rain, now a postal strike could be a further difficulty. I have three posts half way done, but they need more work. An aching back isn't helping.

But a couple of things worth noting:

One of the smartest things I heard about food safety is that it's not the food you trust, but the farmer. That's the case if you're lucky enough to be close to where the food is produced, much more difficult living in a city with supply lines that can run thousands of kilometers. That's when the the big food retailers stand in for farmers, and they know they have a lot at stake if things go wrong.

One story comes from an increasing effort by the media in China (with the support of the Communist Party) to be investigate and report on dangerous farming practices (the exploding watermelons got a lot of press, but there's more going on.) The story even says that the Chinese who can afford it look for imported food.

The second story is more positive, the continued growth of organic farming in Europe.

Exploding watermelons put spotlight on Chinese farming practices

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